Use our TAMANU AFTERCARE CREAM for the first 2 weeks to stimulate the correct healing of the skin and help cicatrising, moisturising and soothing your skin
The cling film should be used only for the first 3 days as it does not allow the skin to breathe
The right amount of cream to use follows this rule: you have to prevent the skin from drying out and hardening
The swelling of your new tattoo can cause pain: help your skin with an anti-inflammatory and decongestant product.
Infections occur where there is dirt; we therefore recommend to wash frequently the recently-tattooed skin with an alcohol and perfume free soap

Tamanu Aftercare Cream

Use our MONOI DAILY USE CREAM  everyday after the second week to protect your tattoo everyday, hydrate your skin and keep the colour bright
Follow the directions given by your tattoo artist and contact him directly if you have any concern
Do not be impatient: the healing process is delicate and needs a lot of attention
To wash your tattoo rinse the surface with your hands, avoiding the direct use of a jet of water during the first few days, as it can wash away also the small ink pigments in the upper levels of your skin
Avoid swimming in the sea for the first three weeks: even the sunlight is harmful and can cause damage to the colour pigments of the tattoo. Use a cream with a high SPF
Your  new  tattoo  is  an  open  wound,  it  needs  protection  to  avoid  infection

If the responsibility of the design is completely in the hands of the tattoo artist, the good result of your new tattoo depends very much on how the tattooed skin is helped throughout the healing process. The healing process of the tattoo is basically a cicatrization process that should be uniform and complete, without infections or further complications that can cause permanent damage to your tattoo and your skin.

The healing period is about twenty days but it may vary depending on the size and location of the tattoo, the technique of tattooing, the type of skin and the attention demonstrated in the cure.