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what we offer

Tamanu Aftercare cream – 50ml
For the healing of medium to big-sized tattoos.

Your customers should use Tamanu cream for two weeks after the tattoo to help the skin during the healing process. It helps protecting the skin against dirt and infections; it keeps the tattoo moisturised and speeds up the healing of the scab.

Tamanu Aftercare cream – 30ml
For the healing of small to medium-sized tattoos.


Tamanu Aftercare cream – 5ml
Sample size for the healing of small-sized tattoos.


100% Natural
BEFORE INK Tattooing Ointment – 200gr.

Specific for the use during the tattooing process, this glide allows a smooth movement of the needle on the skin and improves the healing process.


We can create hand-made wooden displays that you can position anywhere in your shop. Customers can easily test the products and purchase them directly from you!
Displays can me created for all our products sizes. They can normally fit 16x50ml, 20x30ml and 24x5ml Tamanu Cream.
The display is manufactured by experts italian artisans using black-painted wood and a white or transparent plexiglass plate with the Tribal logo.

Want something special?

Why don’t you personalise your Tamanu Aftercare Cream and the studio display by applying your own logo?

We will take care of everything! Send us your logo in HD and we will create and apply your own labels on your products and create your personalised plexiglass plate.

Add our MONOI DAILY USE CREAM in your offer
Daily use to keep the tattoo hydrated and bright forever!


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