Our MONOI DAILY USE CREAM helps maintaining a perfect Tattoo.

  • Improves the Tattoo’s definition
  • Improves the Tattoo’s brightness
  • Moisturises
  • Protects the skin from climate agents


Made in French Polynesia and extracted from Tiare flowers soaked in coconut oil.
It has emollient properties, it is able to deeply penetrate into the skin and hydrate the deeper layers, protecting it from external damage caused by pollution, sun and wind.

The manufacturing process and the ingredients of Monoi oil are defined by a Denomination of Origin, dating back to 1992, which reports how: “Monoi de Tahiti is the product obtained by macerating Tiare blossoms in refined coconut oil. This oil is to be extracted from mature coconuts gathered from Cocos Nucifera trees growing in the coral soil in the geographic area of French Polynesia exclusively. Only “Tiare” flower buds from the Gardenia Tahitensis species and of Polynesian origin are acceptable…”. (Monoi Institute)

The word Monoi (pronounced Mah-noy in Ma’ohi language) can mean “ointment” and “holy oil”
Findings of its use by the Ma’ohi, natives of Polynesia, date back to more than 2,000 years ago.

The Monoi oil was and still is a natural remedy widely used and appreciated, used from birth to death. Babies were massaged with Monoi oil to keep their skin healthy and well hydrated. It also served as a protection for the winter and during funeral services corpses were meticulously sprinkled and scented with Monoi, to help the deceased making its journey to the afterlife.
During ceremonies that were held in sacred temples called “maraes”, priests used the Monoi oil to purify the sacred objects and the offers to the deities.

The Monoi oil is an oily solution made from Tiare flowers and coconut oil, the process of realization goes through the enfleurage (or flower soaking): the fresh Tiare flowers are macerated, that is soaked for about 10 days in refined coconut oil.
Coconut oil is thus able to extract the properties and organoleptic virtues of Tiarè flowers.

Monoi oil Properties

Skin Micro-Relief Improvement

Natural Moisturiser

Strengthens the Skin

Protection Against External Elements

Gardenia Tahitensis  (or Tiare)

The flower is the national flower of French Polynesia and is considered to be the symbol of Tahiti. The Latin name is “Gardenia Tahitensis” and belongs to the family of Rubiaceae. The name Tiare comes from Tiara, that is the crown of the flower, or corolla. It grows in tropical climates, where temperatures never fall below 10°C, in fertile soils, such as coral or volcanic soils; for these reasons Polynesia is an ideal place for its growth.  It blooms throughout the year. The flower is large and has 5 to 8 white petals, which joined at the base form a small center that can be yellow or green, contrasting with the dark green of the leaves. The scent is exotic with hints of vanilla: sweet, sharp and penetrating.

Chemically the flower contains abundant terpene alcohol and methyl salicylate that give soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. The Mahoi peoples use it traditionally to treat headaches, earaches, insect bites, and to treat some types of eczema. (Useful plants in French Polynesia, Paul Pétard, Doctor in Pharmacy.)   To produce Monoi Oil, in accordance with the specification of Denomination of Origin, the tiare flowers are hand-picked in the morning when they are still in bud, then they are put to macerate within 24 hours of the collection in refined coconut oil: the “enfleurage” lasts for about 10 days and a minimum of 15 flower buds per liter of coconut oil is required.



The coconut tree is known by the Tahitian name “Haari”, in Latin it is called Cocos nucifera and it is a palm tree that belongs to the family of Arecaceae. It fits perfectly to the soil and climate of Polynesia where is one of the most common plants in the area.  Coconut oil is rich in essential fatty acids and Vitamin E, good for fighting free radicals, and it also has excellent moisturising properties. It even performs an antiseptic activity on the skin.

Traditionally, the inhabitants of the tropics used coconut oil as a moisturizer to treat xerosis (characterized by dry, rough, scaly and itchy skin).

“Coconut oil has been used for over thousands of years in Polynesia with proven nutritional and cosmetic benefits. Cosmetically, Polynesians used coconut oil as an ointment to maintain their smooth and soft skin. When preparing the oils, the coconut oil is often used as the base oil, and then other seed oils and flowers are added for fragrance and variety.” (Pacific Island Report, Afa K. Palu).  Refined coconut oil is obtained by cold pressing of the coconut flour made from the pulp that is called coprah. To obtain the coprah the whole pulp of the coconut is removed from the shell, layed on the racks and left in the sun for about 1-3 weeks, so that the pulp loses up to 90 of its water.

monoi’s great formulation

Moisturising; Emollient; Protects the tattoo by improving its brightness
Anti-inflammatory; Skin protective; Rich in vitamins A, E and B group
Antioxidant; Naturally contains vitamins E and C and beta-carotene; Protects the pigment ink against the atmospheric agents
Regenerating; Elasticising; Moisturising and sebum-regulator; Rich in Vitamin A and C, linoleic acid, Omega-6 and Omega-9
Maintains the structure and improves the elasticity of the skin; Rich in essential fatty acids and Omega-6
Soothing; Softening; High content of vitamin E, A, C and D
Hydrating; Protective; Emollient; Rich in polyphenols, vitamin E and carotenoids
Anti-inflammatory; Soothing; Moisturising and normalising of the skin
Improves blood circulation; Promotes a regular distribution of melanin; Useful to maintain a uniform colour within the tattoo (no changes in the pigmentation)
Antioxidant; Regenerates the skin; Protects against UV rays
Healing; Soothing; Protects the skin against irritation; Anti-inflammatory
Soothing; Antioxidant; Healing; Anti-inflammatory; Antibacterial; Antiseptic and antimicrobial; Rich in Vitamins A, C, E and B group
Moisturising; Soothing; Anti-inflammatory; Vessel-protective
Healing; Anti-inflammatory; Antiseptic; Soothing
Anti-inflammatory; Antiseptic; Healing; Stimulates cell regeneration

The Monoi oil is rich in methyl salicylate, an ester. Methyl salicylate is a skin soothing agent, able to deeply penetrate into the skin thus building a defensive barrier against the damage caused by climatic agents and pollutants.

According to a study entitled “Studies and Development” of the Monoi Institute, Monoi oil has the following properties:
Protection against the external elements: pollution, sunlight, wind, seawater and cold.
Moisturising the skin with immediate and durable effects.
Improving the micro-relief on the skin and strengthens the skin.

Immediate results are the proof of its incredible effectiveness! After the first application of Monoi oil the skin is immediately softer, hydrated and visibly healthier.

Thanks to antioxidants such as vitamin E and ferulic acid, the Monoi has anti-inflammatory, soothing and skin imperfections healing properties, and it is effective for insect bites.
The properties of coconut oil confer to Monoi excellent antiseptic and antifungal properties, hence the reason why it is recommended as an aid for the treatment of greasy skin and acne.


– a vegan product
– 100% natural
– Chemical free
– no GMOs
–Dermatologically tested
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